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by Caryl Churchhill

Main Street Theater

February 13-March 6, 2016

Set: Ryan McGettigan

Lights: Phil Kong

Costumes: Macy Lyne

Sound: Alex Worthington

Props: Rodney Walsworth

Photos: Pin Lim, Forest Photography

Love and Information: Text

"quite deft and charming"

"Director Philip Hays overlays Churchill with playful style; he winks at us too, giving this contempo play a revealing mod touch."

"This impressionistic romp through the human heart skips all around, beating soundly, as it lightly touches on how we talk to each other, usually in the most oblique ways, yet we all somehow manage to land our arrows even when not aiming squarely."

D.L. Groover, Houston Press

Love and Information: Text
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