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by Jared Doreck, Philip Hays, and Jeff Smith
World Premiere at 2014 Prague Fringe

Prague Shakespeare Company

Divadlo Na Prádle

May 27-31, 2014

Original Music: Ed Kliman

Costumes: Bree Welch

Photos: Kája Curtis Photography

The Murder of Gonzago: Text
The Murder of Gonzago: Gallery

“Replete with crowd-pleasing shtick, and lightly laced with poison and pathos this Scoobyspeare black comedy…delivers on the director’s trademark blend of popular references, Shakespearean in-jokes, melodrama and murder.”
Logan Hillier

“…a romp, silly and eccentric… Just as it should be.”
Michael Calcott

“A great reminder that Shakespeare is not sacred, and that even those who take him seriously can take a breather and still thrill us with their wit and their craft.”
Prague Post

The Murder of Gonzago: Text
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