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by Nikolai Gogol
adapted by Philip Hays

Classical Theatre Company

April 13-29, 2018

Set: Ryan McGettigan

Lights: Mitchell Cronin

Costumes: Rachel Clinkscales

Assistant Director: Robert Meek

Photos: Pin Lim, Forest Photography

The Government Inspector: Text
The Government Inspector: Gallery

" watching a live action cartoon come to life..." 

"If you're fan of farce, and truly love the physical comedy of the genre then director Philip Hays has tailor-made this one for you... It's rather silly, but has a sly approach as well..."

Brett Cullum, Broadway World Houston

"Director Philip Hays...pulls out all the stops, from corny sight gags to cartoony prat falls... Hays manages to deliver some nifty visual bits: plenty of doors, the petition flying through the window as paper airplane, [a] sublimely executed face-first stunt fall, the unfurled banner that gets stuck..., the carousel entrance of the townsfolk as the cast doubles and triples as they come in and out in different guises... Now this is comedy."

D.L. Groover, Houston Press

The Government Inspector: Text
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