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by John Webster
reimagined by Philip Hays and the Company

Prague Shakespeare Company

A Studio Rubín (2013 Prague Fringe)

May 29-June 1, 2013

Divadlo Kolowrat, Kolowratský palác

November 30-December 2, 2013

Set: Philip Hays
Costumes: Jiřina Hušnerová
Lighting: Johanna-Mai Vihalem (Spring 2013)
Assistant Director: Jessica Boone (Spring 2013); Laura Baranik (Winter 2013)
Photos: Brian Messman

The Duchess of Malfi: Text
The Duchess of Malfi: Gallery

“A larger than life, wildly physical, morally deviant and chaotically violent bacchanal… a verbose drunk’s dirty limerick of incest, vomit and wonderfully deranged villains… a carousel of repulsive yet brilliant clowns gunning their way to a satisfyingly bloody finale.”
Michael Rowland, Fringe Review

“Prague Shakespeare Company pulls out all the stops, and a few organs, in madcap production… Poor taste is on display everywhere in the production, as actors hurl or spout various liquids on each other and in a kind of infomercial format, various intestines are removed perorally with great gusto… This is the kind of show that is so warped… nothing is as we would expect… rush out to see it.”
André Crous, Prague Post

The Duchess of Malfi: Text
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